'Taking truth and contentment with me,
I begin the battle and storm both the gates.'
- SGGS Ji Angh 1161


Based on the central message of universal brotherhood, the World Sikh Heritage Trust seeks to provide an educational framework to enable others to experience the joy of advancing and applying Sikh Philosophy for the betterment of society and the environment.



 • To ensure continual youth development to serve as ambassadors and role models for others.
 • Show how Sikhi is relevant in today's fast changing world.
 • We believe in the principle of individual empowerment and development.


 • We respect our environment and the communities in which we work.
 • We value the rich diversity of all peoples and cultures of the world.
 • We treat each other with respect.


 • We promise only what we can deliver.
 • We behave ethically and take responsibility for our actions.
 • We promise a culture of fairness and good governance.


 • We endeavour to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.
 • We work hard and encourage fun and fulfilment.
 • We work for and expect success.


 • We hold high ethical, moral and professional standards.
 • We seek to innovate and develop creative solutions in the delivery of our projects.
 • We are proud yet humble in our achievements.